About Matt Verish

Podcaster, author, gamer, audio and video editor, techie, YouTuber, and dedicated husband. I like to think of myself as an eclectic individual with a unique blend of interests, though telling stories is my passion. As far back as kindergarten in the early eighties, I've been creating art, writing stories, and recording absurd comedy cassettes.  It wasn't until I got to college that I realized my desire to write books—epic fantasy, to be certain. And when I met my future wife, we soon collaborated, got married, and self-published our first book together in 2006. I eventually went on to write my own sci-fi series, some short stories, and even a cozy mystery book.

But behind the scenes, I've always been playing and appreciating video games. I started with the Atari 2600, was lucky enough to get an NES at the age of eight in 1986, and pretty much played every system in between then and now. I love the creativity and mythology instilled in the games I play. The music, characters, stories—it all inspires me. So when I hit the dreaded age of forty, a mini middle-age crisis pushed me in a new direction: podcasting. Now I have a new outlet into which I can pour my energy. Video Game Lore is a passion project, born out of nearly 40 years of gaming experience, and I'm so excited to share it with you all!