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Parks and Asphyxiation


Summertime in Duskview, Ohio is an exciting, albeit busy, time for its acclaimed park system. Recovering from a tragic incident involving the murder of one of its own by one of its own, the remaining naturalists struggle to move forward and contend with a diminished and overworked staff. But push forward they do, right into one of their biggest nature events yet.

Moth Mania has arrived, and Fern Rivers can’t wait to participate. No longer the quiet and overlooked naturalist, she has emerged from her cocoon a new woman, ready to take on the world. But when the world tosses another murder her way, she finds herself trapped at a conference where dozens of guests and workers are potential suspects. The killer is on the loose and possibly looking to strike again.

Fern will need to summon all her sleuthing wiles to discover whodunnit. With a hardened detective scrutinizing her every move, sneaking around for clues won’t be nearly as easy as before. Fern is nothing if not determined, however, and not even a murderer’s stranglehold will stop her from solving the mystery.

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