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Author Biography

My name is Matt Verish, and I write Speculative Fiction. I have no honorary degree of which to boast, but I do possess a burning passion to write in the Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror genres. I've been writing since I was in the fourth grade, though I didn't truly realize my desire to become an author until I was in college. And it wasn't until my late thirties that I actually wrote and completed my first novel.


Why did I tackle my first solo project so close to forty, you ask? Well, that's simple: I'm also a married co-author. When I'm not daydreaming about interstellar cargo vessels, I'm busy shaping the World of Secramore with my beautiful wife, Stefanie. Together, we've been writing Epic Fantasy for close to twenty years. We have five full-length novels to our names with many more to come. It's a wonder I have time to write anything on the side!


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