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The Silver Sigil
- Book One -

Strange omens in the skies and empty villages speak of otherworldly invasion, but there is no sign of the enemy. The Nemelorean oracles look to an exile for help, but Kariayla has her own troubles in Mystland. Working beneath a corrupted government, she learns there is more to her role than studying ancient magic.


When her daughter, Chara, is kidnapped by her own people, Kariayla reluctantly aligns herself with infamous criminals Wraith and Scorch, who enable her escape from Mystland. Their pursuit takes them to Nemeloreah’s border, where the true enemy is waiting. Kariayla learns there is much more at stake than the life of her daughter.


Meanwhile, the White Demon has publicly murdered the Minstrel and becomes entangled in an unexpected journey. Forced to travel with his enemies, he suspects the little girl in their company is more than a mere hostage, and their destination will bring him to a point where the past and the future collide in a catastrophic battle.

The Dark Tide
- Book Two -

The Dark Tide is rising. Forgotten by most of Secramore, a race of demons is determined to resurrect their dark god, Ocranthos. Essential to their plans are three elements: the Silver Sigil, the Key, and a Vessel, all of which are nearly in their grasp.

As the demons seek to recover the triad, the only force that stands to oppose them is in turmoil. Loyalties are in question, and inner strife threatens to crumble the fragile unity among Kariayla, her daughter Charasida, Wraith, Scorch, and the Demon.

Meanwhile Eraekryst has returned home to Veloria in an attempt to solve the greatest puzzle of his immortal life. Whether or not he will succeed before the onset of a second Cataclysm is an uncertainty even he cannot foretell.


- The Complete Saga -






Synopsis coming soon!







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